With Test Tool, Online Assessment is Easy

With Test Tool you can create, manage, deliver, and proctor any type of online assessment in the most intuitive way possible. With this user-friendly web-based Test Management System (TMS), develop and deliver both low and high-stakes exams with ease and confidence.


Easy-to-use tools for the entire assessment cycle

Creating Assessments

With a simple interface, Test Tool allows you to generate a wide range of question types for many different types of assessment

Managing and Delivering Assessments

Test Tool lets you manage and administer your assessment from anywhere in the world thanks to its wide range of easy-to-use features

Proctoring Assessments

Test Tool provides remote human-based proctoring capabilities.
Test Tool also uses artificial intelligence to enable you to proctor an assessment remotely and without human intervention

Assessment Creation

Build tests using a variety of templates

  • The interface of Test Tool is very intuitive and easy to use
  • A wide variety of questions: 
    • Multiple-choice
    • True/false 
    • Fill-in-the blank
    • Cloze passage 
    • Survey (Likert)
    • Ordering 
    • Jumbled words 
    • File upload 
    • Checkbox
    • Short answer (writing)
    • Essay (writing)
    • Audio recording (speaking) 
    • Video recording (speaking – interview) 
  • Test Tool allows you to customize all aspects (e.g., timing) of questions
  • Test Tool enables the creation of complex and interrelated assessment tasks. This makes Test Tool ideal for developing scenario-based and learning-oriented assessments
  • Multimedia and multilingual capabilities:
    • In every question type, you can include images, audio, or video
    • For speaking and interview questions, Test Tool automatically records audio and video
    • Test Tool allows creating questions in many languages of the world

Assessment Management

Manage all aspects of the assessment process

  • Schedule assessments
  • Pre-register the test-takers or ask them to sign up for an assessment
  • With the aid of artificial intelligence, Test Tool can verify the identity of the registered test-takers
  • Send and receive notifications (E-mail and text message)
  • Chat with test-takers during the test
  • Score and rate an assessment:
    • Most of the Test Tool question types are scored automatically 
    • You can also create different kinds of scoring systems and rating rubrics for speaking and writing questions 
    • Human raters can score speaking and writing questions 
  • Test Tool autonomically computes:
    • Descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis)  
    • Reliability estimates (Cronbach’s alpha) 
    • Item analysis indices (item facility and item discrimination)
    • Test Tool automatically generates and sends score report cards

Assessment Delivery

Deliver your assessment to any location worldwide

  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Browser-based: no need to download and/or install anything
  • Compatible with all modern devices:
    • desktops
    • laptops
    • tablets
    • smartphones
  • Compatible with all modern browsers:
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Huawei
  • Intuitive interface for test-takers
  • Test Tool can be used easily even by test-takers with low levels of computer literacy
  • Test Tool is available in many languages (the interface language)

Assessment Proctoring

Set up a safe testing environment and proctor your assessment remotely

  • Create a safe test-taking environment by disabling or blocking:
    • copy/cut/paste
    • print
    • screenshot
    • spell-check
    • right-click
    • opening a new tab
    • exiting full-screen
    • Live streaming of webcam and screen of test-takers
  • Recording of webcam and screen of test-takers
  • Test Tool uses artificial intelligence to automate proctoring by detecting:
    • multiple faces
    • absence of the test taker
    • objects (cellphone, dictionary)
    • voices
    • out-of-screen eye movements
    • out-of-screen head movements
  • The proctor can exchange text messages with test-takers during the test
  • Test Tool generates detailed proctoring reports to be reviewed later
  • Test Tool also provides staff for live proctoring or reviewing proctoring reports

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