Test Tool offers a range of test security and proctoring features and services:

  • Test Tool creates a secure test-taking environment. This means that test developers and/or test administrators can disable or block:
    • copy/cut/paste 
    • print 
    • screenshot
    • spell-check 
    • right-click 
    • opening a new tab 
    • exiting full-screen 

Every time a test taker tries any of the above actions, a note is added to their proctoring report. An alarm message can also be sent to the test takers by test administrators or automatically (if enabled). 

  • Test Tool provides capabilities for live and human-based proctoring. This means that by having access to the live feed of test-takers’ webcams and screens, a person can monitor test-takers’ behavior. The human proctor can chat with the test-takers during the exam session. If you need assistance using this capability, we will provide staff.  
  • Test Tool can also record the live feed of test-takers’ webcams and screens. These recordings then can be reviewed later by a person. The reviewer can flag and write notes about the behavior of test takers. If you need assistance using this capability, we will provide staff.  
  • Test Tool is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). AI proctoring can be enabled during a human-based proctoring session.  The Test Tool AI provides assistance to the human proctor by flagging suspicious behavior of the test-takers during a live exam session. Human proctors can use the information provided by AI to ensure no suspicious activity goes unnoticed. 

The next session describes the types of suspicious activity the Test Tool AI can detect. 

  • You can fully automate the proctoring process with the Test Tool AI. Using AI, the identity of the test takers gets verified automatically, and their behavior is monitored and documented (for future review). 

Test Tool can also send alarms or even terminate a test session if suspicious activities are detected. The Test Tool AI detects: 

    • multiple faces 
    • absence of the test taker 
    • objects (cellphone, dictionary) 
    • voices 
    • out-of-screen eye movements 
    • out-of-screen head movements